Reflecting on 2018

Reflecting on 2018

Did I stick to my resolutions?

As this year is coming to an end and a new one is looming, I took some time to go back on my blog posts. If you go back far enough, you’ll come across the post ‘2018 goals’ which I published on the very first day of this year.

Here’s that post:

As you can see, I set five goals for myself and I was very determined to stick by them. But, how did I get on?

1.Travel more

This is a very important one for me… I have a passion for travelling, to get away as much as possible and to explore the world. Whenever there’s a break in my university timetable and I can grab holidays at work, it’s the very first thing I want to do.

I specifically said that I wanted to visit three countries at some point across the year, and that I DID.

I visited Cyprus/Paphos (twice, in February and in April), travelled east coast America (June – August), had a family holiday in Paris (September) and am off to Amsterdam in just a few days to bring the new year in! (I’ll do a post about that soon…)

So, that’s 4 countries! I also did a few other city breaks, such as kicking off this year in London (then going back down a few months later for my Visa) and spending weekends in multiple Scottish cities…

That resolution was one I well and truly stuck by!

2. Be more prepared for university

I wanted to start finishing assignments ‘weeks ahead’ according to that blog post… Who was I kidding? I am in my fourth and final year now and the work load is heavy! I also have to work part-time, in my actual job, for this blog and for my university, too! So, although I did try and I did have essays finished maybe a week before their deadline sometimes, I think this goal was a little unrealistic. I would say I completed this goal to the best of my ability!

3. Use less social media

This one was to ‘stop wasting time looking at others and start using more of my time to focus on myself’, which I completely understand. Social media is so dominant today, actually almost inescapable, and I admittedly probably do spend too much time on my phone. However, I would say I did use it less this year. Over the summer especially, since we weren’t allowed our phones for the majority of the day. I learned to live without mine for a large portion of the year. However, what I have realised is that when I do use my phone, it’s to message loved ones or to take pictures – a form of memory-making. Thus, I think cutting it out completely wouldn’t benefit me or my lifestyle as I am using it for good… But I will continue to work on cutting down my time on apps!

4. Self-development

This was to work on my confidence and overall happiness and, WOW, how I stuck by this one! My confidence has come on leaps and bounds this year, mostly due to my work in America. Having such an important role while I was over there really boosted my self-esteem, not wearing makeup/not having to care how I looked helped with my confidence, and travelling made me unbelievably happy (as well as much more).

I gained skills this year that will now stay with me forever.

I am leaving this year as a far better person than I was when it begun.

5. Be more proactive

With this one I meant that I wanted to try more in general; explore more, meet new people, read more, etc…

Do I even need to say if I stuck by this one or not? I think it is quite obvious that I did! And I am sooo glad!

This year – 2018 – has been the best year of my entire life.

There, I said it.

Honestly, it has been absolutely amazing. I have met the most incredible people, done the most surreal things, seen the most beautiful places…

I also turned 21, was offered a place at my university to return and study for my postgraduate degree (for my dream job!!!), and also met the 7 year mark with my boyfriend. My youngest sister started school, my mum opened her own shop, I got a kitten, played with a dolphin, fed giraffes and baby tigers, finally saw America, and so much more.

Of course, it has had its hard moments, too. Life is not always easy and with the good comes the bad. But, those more difficult times allow us to grow as a person; we become stronger emotionally and realise how important family and friends truly are.

I still have loads of upcoming posts about why my year was so great – my time actually on camp, then afterwards in Boston, Miami, New York City, Paris… Keep an eye out!

All in all, I honestly feel emotional looking back on 2018. I set out to make it my best one yet; one that would stick out years down the line. For the entire year actually, my Instagram bio has been ‘busy making 2018 my best year’.

I’m nervous that no year can ever top this one now!

How was your 2018?

Rachael Xo


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