My CAMP AMERICA Experience: Chapter Two – The Interview & Recruitment Fair

My CAMP AMERICA Experience: Chapter Two – The Interview & Recruitment Fair

With the recruitment fair in Edinburgh looming, I got my application finished and my interview booked!

I heard that having done your interview before heading to a recruitment fair can really help speed the whole process up, so off I went to Starbucks to meet the lovely Cathy! It was a pretty informal meeting and we had a good chat about what camp is like and what to expect. I did have to take some forms and proof of identification along with me as well, but all of that information was clearly stated beforehand which then meant that the whole experience was really simple.

FYI: The person interviewing you has already done camp for at least two summers so they know what they are talking about, and they’re also more than happy to answer your questions so take some with you!


Easy-peasy, job done, interview complete.


Now came the harder part – the recruitment fair!

This is not obligatory. Your attendance is completely optional but, personally, I really wanted my potential future camp to meet me face-to-face. That way, they would get to actually see me and get to know me, rather than having to blindly pick me from the thousands of applications they view over the internet. However, that was my personal preference – you can wait to get selected via the Camp America website instead… A lot of people do!


The best part about the recruitment fair is that Camp America give you a list of EVERY single camp that will be in attendance at their fairs. For Edinburgh’s, there were around 80 camps going to be there and so I sat down and researched every single one online beforehand. It took me so long but it was so worth it, and as a result I was able to narrow down my favourite ‘top 5’.

I wrote down the camp’s name, why I liked them, what type of camp they were, the dates they ran from and to, etc. and took all of this information with me to the fair.


When I arrived – and I did so alone, this is something CA recommend that you do – there was a ridiculous queue and a buzz in the air. I was unbelievably nervous. I knew that I was about to enter a room and have to sell myself to get hired, and when there’s hundreds of other people around you about to try the exact same thing, it is undoubtedly daunting. It’s like the most intense interview you could ever imagine, x100.

However, by doing my research beforehand, I saved myself some stress as I knew exactly what camp I wanted to head to first! And so off I (nervously) went.


If I am going to be completely honest, the recruitment fair/interviewing process was much more difficult than I thought it would be initially. Some camps only have a few positions remaining and so they won’t consider you unless you’re some sort of professional water skier – seriously. Thus, make sure you bring a form of ‘portfolio’ along with you; pictures and evidence of your capability that will entice the camp and make them want to hire you. For instance, I brought along pictures of my artwork and multiple blog pieces. Furthermore, have some back-up camps you’d love to work at in case your absolute favourite has already filled the role you wanted!

Side note: do not panic if you don’t find your camp at the recruitment fair. You may go and not see a position or a camp you want and that is completely fine! Don’t settle because you feel you have to. You can get hired online at a later date instead!


Anyway, I went along to one of my favourite camps, saw that they needed someone for a position that sounded amazing, and so I started working my butt off to get myself it!

I got two mini-interviews by camp staff, and then my final one by the camp owner… They asked me a lot of questions: can you handle living in a cabin with bugs? Using a communal toilet? Having pine needles and tree sap everywhere? Hard work 24/7?


What happened next comes in Chapter 3… Watch out for that!



For now, though, I’ll leave a link below to the Camp America website. There, you can find a complete cost breakdown, as well as all of the information you should need and FAQ’s.


P.S. If my Camp America posts do, in any way, influence your decision to apply this year then please tell them that! Let them know Rachael Campbell sent you 😉


P.P.S. If you leave me your email address, I can have them contact you and give you all the information you’d need to apply! So just leave it in the comments section below.


More coming soon,


Rachael Xo

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