My CAMP AMERICA Experience: Chapter One – First Impressions & The Application

My CAMP AMERICA Experience: Chapter One – First Impressions & The Application

At some point last year, I received an email to my student account. Normally, I admittedly skim past them or ignore them altogether (don’t judge), but this one caught my eye. It stated there would be an information session on campus later that week regarding the chance to fly out to America and work there for the summer on a children’s camp. Immediately and obviously, this attracted me. I have always wanted to go to America and, more importantly, I have been desperate to get my hands on some teaching experience.

Not an hour went by from the instant I received that email all the way until I attended the information session that I didn’t think about this opportunity. I expected there to be some kind of requirement I wouldn’t meet, or a catch like $3000 worth of fees. There was just no way this was real… It simply sounded too good to be true.

Alas, though, I was proved utterly and completely wrong; the information session made me even more excited and eager to sign myself up! The Camp America ambassadors gave an amazing presentation. They showed us tonnes of videos so that we’d get a glimpse into camp life, as well as telling us directly what roles we could sign up for, exactly how much it would cost, how much we can be paid in return, and so on. It shot down all of my doubts whilst answering all of my questions, and so I decided to take the plunge and start an application.

Bare in mind, I was still sceptical at this point about my ability to give up my summer. It would mean having to leave my family, boyfriend and friends, as well as abandoning my flat and giving up my job. It would also mean having to travel all the way to America by myself and living in a cabin on a children’s camp for a long time. The thought of not knowing anyone, leaving my home comforts and being so far away was definitely scaring me, but I had some strange feeling coming from within that told me this was something I had to do.

It’s not often I will do things purely for myself. Normally, my actions are fuelled by my ambition to help others. But, this time, it was finally time to be selfish and do something that could potentially benefit me.


The application process is extremely straightforward. The Camp America website gives you step-by-step instructions and, even if you get stuck, they are on hand to answer your queries most of the time. I personally used Twitter to contact them when I needed to and they always got back to me within the hour.

You can also take your time with it which is amazing! I’d fill in a little bit day by day but, obviously, the sooner you get it finished the better. As soon as that baby is complete, camps can start viewing your application and offering you positions!

Side note: add absolutely everything you can to your application. Sell yourself as best as you possibly can! And, if there’s a particular role you’re after – say, a swim instructor for instance – then try to tailor your application towards that… Prove to them why you’d be an amazing swim instructor and why they should hire you.


In Chapter 2, I’m going to talk about what happened once I had finished my application. Watch out for that…


For now, though, I’ll leave a link below to the Camp America website. There, you can find a complete cost breakdown, as well as all of the information you should need and FAQ’s.


Find your closest information session here:


P.S. If my Camp America posts do, in any way, influence your decision to apply this year then please tell them that! Let them know Rachael Campbell sent you 😉


P.P.S. If you leave me your email address, I can have them contact you and give you all the information you’d need to apply! So just leave it in the comments section below.


More to come soon,


Rachael Xo

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