Get Inside my Book: The Way of F**k It

Get Inside my Book: The Way of F**k It

If you happen to be a dedicated Rachael Reads follower, then not only do I thank you very much for that, but it also means that you would have already briefly seen the book I’m about to talk about as it starred in my recent ‘Summer Book Haul’ post…

Today, I want to show you John C. Parkin & Gaia Pollini’s short book; The Way of F**k It.


Below lies pictures I’ve taken of the book itself. In fact, I’ve chosen ten particular pages – which are probably my favourite pages from the book – because I really wanted to share them and their messages with someone. To be honest, I could have shared much more than ten but I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone! Instead, I’m giving you a mere glimpse into what you’ll get from owning it.


The book itself is more than just funny; it is actually almost inspiring. It encourages you to lead more of a care-free lifestyle, and motivates you to do what you want to do. It’s a fun, uplifting and very easy read that could put a smile on anyone’s face, and here’s why:


Finally, the last of my favourite pages…

I want to pass this book on to someone else for them to enjoy. If you want it, either for yourself or someone you love, tell me in the comments below and I’d happily send you it – free of charge – for your viewing pleasure.


I picked up my copy in a local charity shop but I have managed to find it on Amazon and linked it below if you’re interested in it, which I hope you are!

What do you think of books like this? Are they useful and fun, or just a bit pointless? Let me know!


Rachael xo


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