GEEKY GADGETS #4: The Really Tiny Book Light

GEEKY GADGETS #4: The Really Tiny Book Light

Somehow, the Geeky Gadgets series has turned into a review of really tiny book accessories, hasn’t it? I swear that is coincidence – maybe all the booky-gadgets are just naturally small?!


Anyway, this time we are focusing on The Really Tiny Book Light. It was designed by a company called ‘if’ and I bought mine in Waterstones! It was £6.99 for this one and it comes in a variety of colours… I opted for the lilac, ‘cause it’s cute.


I have been after a book light for a while now. My boyfriend starts work at a crazy time in the morning, which means that he has to go to sleep early sometimes. I don’t want to leave the light on while he’s trying to sleep, obviously, so I decided I need a book light. That way, I can continue reading, he can sleep, and we’re both happy!

Before I bought this, I was using a little torch that’s meant for a bike. Lol. Don’t get me wrong, it did the job! But I had to hold my book with one hand and the torch with the other and it did get admittedly uncomfortable.

This one, though, clips on to your book! Thus, it is hands-free and much, much more comfortable.


This is how it looks in its packaging. Really cute, huh?


It then rotates to a full 90 degree angle, allowing you to direct the light in a variety of positions.


This is how it works:

In the light


And, more importantly, in the dark


Overall, I love this. It does its job, it’s sweet, it’s bright and it’s not overly expensive. The only bad thing? You have to keep moving it every time you move on to the next page which can get a bit tedious; you just want to keep reading but have to momentarily stop to reposition the light. But, this is not the fault of the product – there isn’t much that can be done about that.

Therefore, I do recommend it if you’re in a similar position as me. I think it will come in handy for any reader, and it may be useful to have one in your drawer just in case! This is one of my favourite gadgets so far!


Rachael xo

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