A Letter to Myself

A Letter to Myself

As I’m writing this, it’s the 3rd of June, it’s morning, and I’m enjoying the last few days I have to myself.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can spy my suitcase which I have just started to pack for America. However, I’m about to schedule this post to go live on the 29th of July. Thus, hello future-self!

I want to write myself something this time; a letter of motivation, perhaps. By then, there’s definitely a chance that I would feel a little homesick. I would have been gone for almost seven weeks, and so it’s completely understandable if I do.


Hopefully I am having the time of my life but, if there are any doubts at all

Remember why you signed up for this experience, remember that you probably won’t ever get to do this again, remember that you’re getting to spend nine or ten weeks out in a country you’ve always wanted to visit, remember what attracted you to this camp in particular, remember the impact you will be having on these girls’ lives, remember that if you weren’t doing this then you’d probably be working long and exhausting hours somewhere that you hate, remember that you’ll see everyone again really soon, remember how much this work experience will enhance your CV and make you more attractive to employers, remember how privileged and blessed you are to even have the opportunity to do this, and remember to always make the most of life; you have one, ENJOY it!


Your time here is almost over so if there’s anything you still want to do – go do it! Make the most of this!

And, one last thing: homesickness is a good thing! It means you are loved. This is something that you concluded in a previous post (linked below), so take your own advice.


This post may be more of a personal one as it is directed blatantly to myself, but it also applies to you…

Is there anything that you have always wanted to do? Go do it.

Are you making the most of life? Make sure you are!

Are you feeling homesick? Don’t make that a negative thing.


In a few weeks, I’ll be making my way back home and one of my priorities will be to make sure I update you on this crazy summer. For now, though, keep an eye out for all of the posts I have scheduled to go live while I’m away 😊


Rachael xo



Homesickness post: http://rachaelreads.blog/2017/12/06/storytime-2-0-homesickness-a-positive-thing/

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