Summer Book Haul!

Summer Book Haul!

With University exams finally over, it was time to treat myself! I mean, it’s well-deserved, isn’t it?


There is nothing I love more than reading. With me studying English Literature, I get the pleasure of doing just that almost every day. However, University reading is not enjoyable. What I really look forward to is getting stuck in to a book of my own choosing, and so I went and bought myself some new material for summer!


I haven’t read all of them yet, but will definitely get around to it ASAP, and I’ll tell you why!


Firstly, I picked up a few of the ‘Penguin Classics’. Can you believe they are only £1-2 each? And they are super cute, too! There’s a whole collection of them available.

I went for…

The Constitution of the United States.

I felt that this was the most appropriate for my American summer. It’s good to have a bit of background knowledge, and I want to respect their culture by actually knowing about a huge part of it.



The Wife of Bath – Geoffrey Chaucer.

I have already read this. Multiple times. Actually, probably over a hundred times. But I somehow lost the copy I bought way back in first year and felt it was time for a refresh!


Next, I fell in love with the ‘Penguin Modern’ collection. These are also incredibly inexpensive and so, so beautiful.

I opted for Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail.

I feel that this will be so insightful and touching; almost like a history lesson in itself. I can’t wait to flick through this one.


I also picked up Parkin & Pollini’s The Way of F**k It.

I LOVE this book. I haven’t had the time to check out every page yet, but I have flicked through and it is so inspiring, funny, unique and uplifting. I reckon this one deserves its own, individual review. Keep your eyes peeled.


Additionally, I bought The Falls by Ian Rankin.

Ok, I’m going to admit something terrible right now… I was supposed to read this for a class last semester, but never got around to it. I never even owned the book. That’s our secret – don’t tell anyone. Thus, I thought it was about time that I finally pick it up. It is really chunky, though, so I don’t know when I’ll get around to reading it.



As you already know, I have Eve of Man by Giovanna & Tom Fletcher.

I was so excited to buy this one. I genuinely skipped into the book shop on the day it was released. I have already reviewed this one by itself – go check that out!



Lastly, I ordered Lost Paradise by Cees Nooteboom.

I bought this one for a reason. A blog reason. You’ll find out why; it’s coming soon…



So, those are the books I decided to pick up after exam season! I have read some, flicked through others, and not even started with a couple so, if there are any that you want reviews of please just let me know and I’ll be happy to do that!

If you’re wondering where I get my books, it really is a mixture of book shops (both big ones and smaller, independent ones), online (mainly Book Depository, but also try Amazon and eBay), and I am a sucker for charity shops – they are so cheap there, and you’re supporting an important cause buying from there, too.


If you have any recommendations, comment them below – I’d love to know!

I hope you enjoyed my haul…


Rachael xo

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