Life Update: I’m in AMERICA!

Life Update: I’m in AMERICA!

I’ve quit my job, almost emptied my bank balance, left my family, boyfriend, friends, flat, & fish behind in order to head off and have the experience of a lifetime!


By now, my painstakingly long flights will be done with and I’ll finally be settling in, making Camp my new home for the next ten weeks. And, once camp is finished, I am planning on staying in America for a while to travel to new places and exploring, meaning I will be away for a little over eleven weeks… Eeeeek!


Before I left, I spent a lot of time writing tonnes of blog posts in advance and have scheduled all of them to upload automatically, which means that I will still have a post going live EVERY WEEK on Rachael Reads!!! I’m really proud of that. I didn’t want my going away to come at the price of sacrificing my blog so I’ve worked really hard to compile extra posts for while I’m away.

I hope to have time to write at least one post whilst I’m actually in America, but I honestly have absolutely no idea how busy I’ll be. Don’t worry though, I’ll be back to writing the moment I hit home-turf to let you know how it is out here and tell you exactly what I got up to!


For now, I’m excited but also nervous, yet ready to embrace everything I can possibly take from this time. I can’t wait to learn new things and have unlimited fun!


If there’s anything American, Camp or travel-based that you’d like to ask me about or have me write about, leave it down in the comments section below. This can be from how I packed my suitcase, what I took with me, what the lifestyle and culture is like out there…just anything!


Rachael xo


USA Bound post (from earlier this year):

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