GEEKY GADGETS #3: An Even Smaller Book/Page Holder?!

GEEKY GADGETS #3: An Even Smaller Book/Page Holder?!


Ok, so I was scrolling through the internet, looking for inspiration for my next Geeky Gadgets post, when I came across hundreds of different posts advertising and selling this…


Yes, it is indeed a tiny and cheap piece of plastic.

(The 1p is obviously not included, lol. That’s just for size reference).


You may be thinking – how is this a gadget?! And you have every right to (I thought exactly the same when it arrived in the post!), but I’m telling you now – if you read books, you need one. If you don’t, buy it anyway, it’s only like 50p.


This thing is a game changer.

If you have been reading my other posts then you’ll know how desperate I am to find a good book holder; I get tired thumbs with holding down the pages of big books, and it can sometimes be so annoying having to use two hands to hold them open when you want to get comfortable.

But alas, my problems have now been (mostly) solved. This tiny piece of plastic does that hard work for me, and with hardly any required pressure at all.

To be honest, this would be absolutely ideal for anyone, but especially those with weak and frail bones, arthritis, or even just shaky and unsteady hands.


Look at how easy it is to use, and the difference it makes…


Firstly, I used a thin and small book.


Without the gadget, but a lot of pressure from my thumb:


With the gadget, and barely any pressure:


I was impressed, so then I tried a larger book.


Without the gadget:




For just a few pennies, you can’t complain. You can spot a big difference between using it and not.

In conclusion, it does its job and is extremely useful; I’m impressed and think every book-lover should have one at hand. The only downside? It won’t keep your book held open without the assistance of your hand… Thus, it’s not really a ‘book holder’ per se but more of a page opener (in my opinion anyway).


Overall, I love this little geeky gadget! But what do you think of it?


Rachael xo


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