Campbells House of Cakes

Campbells House of Cakes


Saturday the 9th of June is a very important, special and exciting day for my family! My mum is opening her brand new shop: Campbells House of Cakes.

Find it at 158 Dundee Street, Carnoustie, DD7 7EX.

To celebrate this, she is throwing a grand opening day…and everyone is invited!

There will be a range of things going on: from competitions for both adults and children; a mass of discounted prices on some on the cakes; a raffle offering amazing prizes; lots of cake samples and more! Come along and don’t miss out!


From then on out, the shop will house a variety of cake decorating supplies – all of which will be available for purchase – whilst also selling slices of cake and hosting some amazing events later in the year, too. Furthermore, it will act as a flagship store for her already booming service of making and decorating cakes for customers and their celebratory events, which has now been growing for eight years!

This company was born out of not only a hobby, but a passion. It’s amazing to see my mum’s overwhelming creativity shine through her designs. No task is too small, either; one day I walk into the kitchen to find a unicorn cake, then the next it’s a dinosaur one, and the next an extravagant chocolate three-tiered drip cake. You never know quite what to expect but, no matter how crazy the request, she somehow manages them all! And makes it look so easy, too…

Two years ago now, my boyfriend and I were given the task of making HER a cake. It was for her 40th birthday and so we felt the pressure to make something acceptable (at the very least). Mum baked the cake, and so all we had to do was ice and decorate it. Easy enough, right?


It took us hours to make something that actually resembled a cake and still, the result was a lumpy monstrosity. From that day forward, I respected her and the talent she has so much more. Honestly, take it from me, it is not as easy as it looks.

Nevertheless, take the time to pay a visit to the shop and my mum will happily walk you through her unique process of baking and decorating, whilst giving you some top tips picked up through years of experience. You can be shown the exact essential products you will need, and even buy them all in store for an amazing price as well! After all of that, you should be able to make a cake that looks much better than my horrible attempt.

But, if you still don’t think you can hack it, don’t panic; you will, as usual, be able to order the cake you want and she will do all the hard work for you.

In all seriousness, though, my mum has worked her butt off to get to this point, as do many other individuals who own independent small and local businesses, so please remember to take the time to support them… Don’t let the big, exploitative, money-prioritising companies take over.


I am so proud of her. She doesn’t know about this post, but I want to use this space to show her that we all really appreciate what she does for us. Having five children is not the easiest of jobs, but she has done the most amazing job at raising us whilst also nurturing her own business. I genuinely think she could be Superwoman in disguise sometimes.


It’s about time that I stop rambling on now, but I’ll leave with saying that we hope to see you all at the opening day!!! Come and celebrate the very first day of this exciting new venture with us!


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Rachael xo


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