BOOK REVIEW: C. L. Taylor – The Fear

BOOK REVIEW: C. L. Taylor – The Fear

I need to start this review with a special thank-you to Avon Books and Cally Taylor herself, for they sent me a copy of this novel directly – and before it even hit the shelves! The Fear is the first book I have been sent over my time as a new blogger and I am beyond thankful and grateful for their generosity.

I’ll admit that I finished this book so quickly – and quite a while ago now – by picking it up pretty much as soon as I received it and not being able to put it back down, but my thoughts on it had to wait as I am part of the novel’s blog tour!


Nevertheless, I get to share my opinion with you now and I am so excited to!

At the same time, I promise to stay away from spoilers as much as possible as I want you to experience this for yourself, just as I did.

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This psychological thriller is bound to make you feel uncomfortable. We, as readers, follow Louise’s journey and feel her post-traumatic emotional turmoil as she is haunted by times past and unable to progress with her life.

Gradually, as the plot thickens, the narrative reveals that Louise was in fact groomed as a fourteen-year-old child by her very own teacher, before being taken on a ‘trip’ to France which turned out to be one with no planned ending…

Now aged 32 and finally free of Mike (her predator), Louise is forced to relive her awful childhood memories as she discovers that he now has his sights set on Chloe; another young and vulnerable victim. Determined to get justice and put an immediate stop to his actions, Louise confronts him and becomes involved in his life once more – but will she manage to escape from him this time around?


Taylor revealed in an interview (linked below) that she was very much inspired by a true story, and “ramped it up a whole load more for fiction”, which only makes it all the more interesting.


With each chapter having an alternating narrator, the reader is able to delve right into the midst of action and learn how the revolting act of paedophilia can affect all of those involved, both instantly and long-term. Yet, what remained most frightening for me was the novel’s portrayal of just how easy it is for grooming to occur. With Chloe being an insecure and vulnerable young girl in the face of maturity, she quickly succumbs to Mike’s affection just as Louise once did. Feeling as if he is the only one who can truly understand her, Chloe resorts to Mike’s company in order to flee her destructive life at home and thus, she becomes another of his victims.

Mike initially appears as the typical bloke next door, before shortly afterwards revealing his inner calculated, devious and repulsive nature that is! We are even given the opportunity to hear from his ex-wife and learn of how Mike’s behaviour affected her, both mentally and physically, which is another intriguing plot device.

All in all, I couldn’t find fault in Taylor’s characterisation and, as a result, the novel becomes incredibly relatable and realistic.


As for the ending, it is not only absolutely liberating, but it also forces you to gasp whilst leaving you in a state of utter shock, excitement and suspense. I unfortunately cannot say much more out of a fear of spoiling it, but may you be prepared for that shocker!


In short, The Fear comes highly recommended from me. I feel that it is a novel with potential to be enjoyed by everyone, despite their typical reading habits. It will encourage you to appreciate the art of writing even more as it will undoubtedly help you gain a deeper understanding about real-life issues, such as that of child grooming.


Let me know if you have read The Fear already, or if you now plan on it!


Rachael xo


Rating: 4.5/5

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    May 10, 2018 / 7:13 pm

    This is such an amazing review. I love anything that has suspense! This looks like a good one. Thank you so much for sharing this. The price is also great lol. Thanks Rachael!

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