This week…

This week…

It’s been a while since I last did a general life update! But, I have had a fairly busy week.


It actually kicked off in London…

I had to travel down there for an appointment with the US Embassy! As I’ve posted before, my summer is being spent over in the states and so, I need a visa. The experience itself was pretty nerve-wracking, from having to use the London Underground by myself and then get thoroughly searched by security in the embassy after standing in the torrential rain but, thankfully, my visa was eventually granted and my American adventure is now truly full steam ahead!


I’m feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement at the moment… Part of me does reckon this summer will be the best time of my life, but you never know what may happen. Nevertheless, this is the only year I can do something as wild as this and so I am taking full advantage of it!

Whilst we were in London, we took some time to go shopping, sight-seeing and exploring. We had a four-day holiday there just at the start of this year though, when we did and saw a hell of a lot, so this time around was definitely a more relaxing and casual trip.


We got back from London late on Wednesday night – please remind me to never travel between Edinburgh and London by train ever again! – and then I had a busy day at university on the Thursday, before we were travelling once more to head back to Dundee.

The reason we went back home was to celebrate my great Gran and Grandad’s Diamond Wedding Anniversary – yep, 60 years of marriage!!!

How impressive?!

I had the mission of trying to find decorations for the small family get-together and wow, it was a task and a half. I never realised how rare it is to reach your Diamond Wedding Anniversary until it came to me trying to hunt down suitable decorations; there are hardly any on the market! I found plenty for 25, and even 50, but 60 years is almost unheard of…

However, I successfully completed my mission through the use of bunting, confetti, balloons, banners and table decorations, which were all topped off with the beautiful cake my mum made!

We had an amazing night. My Nanny came back from Cyprus to surprise everyone, my cousin came over from Germany, and it was the first time in a long time the whole family have all been together. Moreover, the night just really allowed me to just appreciate my Gran and Grandad; I feel so lucky to still have them in my life at 20 years old. I don’t think I know anyone who still has their great grandparents at my age, and so I feel grateful every single day.

They have had the most inspiring and beautiful life together; from building a family, buying their home and travelling the world… If I become half the person that they are, I will consider my life a good one.

I don’t have many pictures, but I did take quite a few videos throughout the course of the night which I’m planning on putting onto DVDs for the family to share.


My week was then finished off with a short visit to North Berwick! But, sorry, I’m keeping that for a separate post.


How was your week? Let me know in the comments below!


As always, thank you for taking the time to read my posts and supporting my blog.


Rachael xo

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