Geeky Gadgets #2: Little Book Holder

Geeky Gadgets #2: Little Book Holder

I really enjoyed doing the last (and first!) Geeky Gadgets post so I’ve decided to keep it going… I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at the ‘book accessories’ stand in bookshops anyway, so why not tell you about it?


This week, I’m bringing you something more affordable than last time, but definitely more basic in function.


I introduce to you the ‘Little Book Holder’!

It’s described as ‘the nifty little clip that holds your book open while you read it’, so it seems pretty simple, right?


This particular gadget caught my eye as I always have to read huge novels – all of them being at least 400 pages long and, for some reason, I get really sore thumbs holding the pages open sometimes. Is that a weird thing, or do other people have that problem, too?

It’s not just that: sometimes I want to read lying down, or on my side, and it’s always so difficult trying to find a position that will allow me to hold my book open but is also comfortable.

The last reason? I write university essays all. of. the. time. and I pack them full of useful quotations to help back up my points. But, trying to hold open the book on exactly the page I need and type up the words on my laptop at the same time is such a hassle. I’ve learned that the hard way.


For those reasons – and probably some more – I thought this sounded like the perfect little gadget for me! Plus, for only a few pounds, it was worth a shot.


When it comes to my thoughts on the product after trying it out a few times (on Trainspotting by the way – the only reason you need to take a Scottish fiction course, I love that book), I’m still admittedly undecided.

Look at these instructions, for instance:


It seems fine… That is until you actually have to try it out and feel so utterly, unbelievably scared that when it gets to the ‘firmly pull the pages outwards to tighten up the grip’ step, you are 100% convinced that you’re about to rip the pages off its spine.

After that terrifying step, it’s still quite hard work to get it sitting just right… However, once you finally master it, then its true benefits become clear.

It is easy enough to turn the page with the holder in place, and it does keep the book held open – precisely what it says on the packaging.


To be completely honest, I think that, for its price, it is pretty good in that it’s useful and helpful in specific circumstances. If you have the same problems I do when reading then yes, this may be a good little investment for you but, if you’re more of a casual reader, I reckon you could easily go without it.

For me, I’m definitely going to keep a hold of it, but probably only for when it comes to writing essays or when I just really can’t be bothered holding open a 800-page book. It was worth a try, though!


Of course, I succumbed to the pink version – that isn’t essential; there are other colours, but you know me.


So, that’s my verdict! My thoughts on it may change in time so I’ll make sure to give it a fair shot.

Send me the links to any other gadgets you’d like to see me review and keep your eyes peeled for future posts!


Rachael xo


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