STORYTIME 4.0 / My Move to Edinburgh; Student Halls

STORYTIME 4.0 / My Move to Edinburgh; Student Halls


What are student halls really like???


Looking back to September 2015, what I remember most is being so nervous to leave home and make my big move to Edinburgh. I may have only been moving from Dundee but, at the time, I was only 17 and was moving all by myself so it was definitely daunting! There were a lot of tears – and a lot of bags! – as I left to start a new chapter of my life. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day.

However, when I arrived at my student accommodation, I was met by many staff who were all so welcoming and more than happy to help. To my delight, I was given my first choice of halls! I chose to spend my first year at Brae House, run by The Student Housing Company.

After checking in, I was escorted to my flat and I was genuinely so pleased. It was far nicer than I ever expected it to be: the living/kitchen area was spacious and I was relieved to know that each of us were provided with our own personal cupboards, shelves, drawer and space in the fridge/freezer.

As for my room, it was modern, stylish and cute. TSHC leave it rather plain and quite like a blank canvas, which I loved! It allowed me to make my room feel homely and to suit my style. I also had plenty of storage space for all of my bits and bobs that I couldn’t part with, and large noticeboards installed for me to drench in pictures.

TSHC also include your Wi-Fi and bills in the cost of living which was a huge bonus. It meant that I didn’t have to budget for or worry about paying for any extras…I probably wouldn’t have even known how to pay the bills myself to be completely honest.

Furthermore, the building itself was a brand new build, meaning that everything is extremely modern, clean and new! It’s in a great location too, as it sits in the middle of The Royal Mile and Princes Street, and there are shops to get your groceries from just behind.


I was the first to move in to my flat that morning but, gradually, my flatmates began to appear. Including me, there were 5 of us living in the one flat; three girls (including myself) and two boys. Each of them were absolutely lovely and they soon became my own little Edinburgh family.

In addition to that, the staff were amazing at hosting events which gave us all the chance to meet each other and have some fun before having to begin our time at university. It continued throughout the year, too, with competitions and giveaways, or when they would throw some sort of celebration on the day of an event (such as St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day…).

From taking my deliveries to ensuring that they repaired any faults immediately, and to being a constant warming brace, I knew I’d chosen the right place to stay. Although I occasionally felt homesick being away from home, seeing and talking to the staff every day made me feel as if I was a part of a TSHC family. I always felt secure and safe in the building and knew that I could rely on the staff if times ever got hard and for that, I am so thankful.


Ultimately, The Student Housing Company really enhanced my first year living in Edinburgh. They allowed me to grow up and become independent in a secure and happy environment and thus, I would recommend living with them to anyone! Even if you are unsure about living with other people, they also offer studios which provide you a private experience. I actually ended up moving into one of their studios in my second year!


I have heard so many horror stories about student accommodation and I definitely think I was just really lucky to end up where I did. The whole moving process would have been so much more difficult without having such a good home to move into.


I think I’ll continue this Storytime series with my first ever day, week or even semester at university…


Rachael xo


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