I Got Employed by my University?!

I Got Employed by my University?!

I will be completely honest and admit that, when I first started this blog, it was out of pretty selfish reasons. I wanted it to encourage me to write more and to improve my writing, as well as helping me out with my organisational skills and timing, and even to use it to hopefully give me better employment prospects!

Nevertheless, I really started to enjoy writing up posts and sharing my life. I get messages from friends, family and people I have never spoken to before all telling me how much they enjoy reading what I write, and there is truly no better feeling than that.

Now, it has become not only a hobby but a passion, and I cherish my blog page now like it’s my baby.


However, one thing that I am starting to feel, which I never expected to get from my blog in any sense or form, is success and progress.


Unbelievably, my university took some interest in what I’ve been writing and decided to employ me as their Social Media Ambassador!!! I know, it’s crazy. I couldn’t believe it and I feel so lucky and happy!

Never in my life did I think my own university would hire me.


I will continue to post on my blog every single week, as I have been doing since I started it up, but this means that I now have another platform to post on, too!

I will have separate blog posts going up on the university’s website, and I’ll also be doing ‘Instagram Takeovers’ for them as well as a few other bits and bobs.


To add to this excitement, I came home from Cyprus (there’s a blog post about that!) to a PR package. A publisher sent me a copy of a brand new book – that isn’t even on sale until the end of this month – to review for them. You can imagine how shocked I was! I can’t even begin to express how grateful and thankful I am to them for this opportunity.

Unfortunately, we have agreed on a date for me to post my review and it isn’t until over a month away, but keep your eyes peeled for that!


Ultimately, even if this progress and success never started to unfold, I feel so happy that I decided to ignore my subconscious and go ahead with starting Rachael Reads. It brings me happiness to know that others are enjoying it, and it also gives me an excuse to escape and do one of my favourite things (writing!).

Therefore, I just want to say that if you are ever scared to do something, just imagine where it could get you or how happy it could potentially make you. Don’t give up on something you would love to do out of fear.


Also, if you’ve taken the time to read either this post or any other, thank you sooo much!!! You’re the best!


So, that’s being at university full-time, working in retail part-time, running this blog and working for my university…as well as all the other things. I never make my life easy.


Rachael xo

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