February Fun; Cyprus Sun!!!

February Fun; Cyprus Sun!!!

As of right now, I’m typing up this post whilst occasionally being distracted by the snowstorm outside of my window. Honestly.


Thankfully, I can’t really complain as I’m lucky enough to just be back from a week in Cyprus!


With my Nanny, Grandad and their dog moving out there (lucky them!) just last year, I had the perfect excuse and opportunity to go across there and visit them. Whilst taking in their new way of life, I had a lot of ‘firsts’; from feeding giraffes their lunch, to giving a tiger cub its bottle of milk, trying out Taco Bell and actually experiencing some form of heat in February, it was a really fun trip which has provided me with memories to cherish forever. We even adopted little Lily the dog from Paws dog shelter; she was found by the side of a motorway, her ribs showing and seriously unwell, and so it was lovely to pick her up and bring her back to a family that will love her and give her the care she deserves!


We explored whilst just really having the chance to catch up again, and I am 100% sure that I’ll be back across there as soon as I have the time to.


As I did with my London post in January, I took my little action-camera out there and tried to film some of the adventures we had! So, for a glimpse at my time in Cyprus, follow the link:


Have you ever been before? Let me know!


I’m really motivated to learn some Greek after being there – the language looks so difficult to learn with all of the different symbols that they use, but I think it would be really rewarding and essentially just pretty cool to know some of the basics… I’ll keep you updated with that one, although I think I’m busy enough at the moment without trying to learn a new language.


Oh, and P.S.: A maaaaassive thank-you to Pafos Zoo for being so lovely to me! The staff are all incredibly kind.  I would really recommend visiting if you’re nearby as they give you the opportunity to have some once-in-a-lifetime experiences – honestly, I won’t forget them!


Now on to my next holiday………………


Ευχαριστώ για την ανάγνωση!


Rachael xo












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