GEEKY GADGETS #1: The Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

GEEKY GADGETS #1: The Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

This is a completely new series that I want to add to the Rachael Reads family! So, welcome to the first ever Geeky Gadgets post!

This whole idea was inspired by the nifty little stand that usually hides near the checkouts in book shops, most notably being the big one: Waterstones. It never seems to get much attention from customers but I, for one, love it so much. It holds all of the little accessories you can buy to go alongside your reading and they are so cute! but I want to put them to the test and let you know if they are truly worth your money. Not all of the ones I will be testing will necessarily be from Waterstones, either.


First up, we have the bookmark which is also an electronic dictionary.


Mine is pink, of course! But it is available in other colours, too.


It sounds ridiculous at first, but when you keep thinking about it – isn’t it a genius idea? It’s almost a fact that no one carries around a hardback dictionary in their bag with them on the daily. And, as for Google searching the word on your phone, that can be such a distraction! Admit it, you’d go on it to search for the meaning of ‘floccinaucinihilipilification’ and before you know it, it’s been twenty-seven minutes and you’re on Facebook stalking your Gran’s fourth cousin’s husband’s brother’s photo album from Tenerife 2006.


Besides, not only will this electronic dictionary automatically define any words which aren’t immediately clear to you (it uses Collins English Dictionary and has over 38,000 definitions stored!), it will keep your page at the same time and act as a neat little accessory to show off to your friends!

It’s also super thin, easy to work, comes with batteries already installed and weighs practically nothing. I am super impressed and I reckon this is one gadget that will remain a staple in my literary-life.


If you’ve saw any ‘geeky’ literature-based gadgets, link them or tell me about them below and I may just give them a test-run…


Rachael xo

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