Listening to a book?! – My AUDIBLE Review

Listening to a book?! – My AUDIBLE Review


I’m going to be completely honest here and tell you the real reason I downloaded Audible

I just could not keep reading this one book.


(No, I’m not talking about Kidnapped – that one is my current read, and I’m actually enjoying it!)


For class, we are assigned the longest list of novels, but there was this singular one that I really struggled with. I never wanted to pick it back up after putting it down and I wasn’t getting anywhere with it, even after weeks; I kept coming up with excuses or finding better things to do. I’m not sure why this was, but I sometimes just stumble across books that don’t suit me and my current reading appetite. However, I knew that I would have to eventually give in – it is an important text after all, and I may be able to use it in future essays.

This is when and why the Audible app became a feature on my phone’s home screen.


Audible is a programme devised by Amazon which literally allows you to listen to a book without doing any of the reading yourself. They genuinely must have employed hundreds of different narrators to just sit down and read thousands upon thousands of books, magazines and newspapers out loud. There’s something like over 200,000 books available, and they only take seconds to download. It’s crazy.


Thus, I signed up for my free thirty-day trial to finally try and get this book read and then out of my mind for a while. Besides, it’s only £7.99 per month afterwards, and it does allow you to cancel at any time, so there’s really no harm in trying it out.


And, I was pleasantly surprised by it.


My narrator happened to be Scottish, as the book also was (coincidental?), and he sported the most rich and clear voice which just happened to make it very easy to listen to. You can change the speed at which the narrator reads at so that it suits your preference, and you can skip to particular chapters or quickly fast-forward or rewind to wherever you need to be. Sounds great, right? Being able to fit in books whilst getting on with other duties?


That’s where I went wrong.


The one and only fault I found with this system is how easily I switched off from listening if I tried to do something else. I couldn’t draw or paint, for example, and listen to the book at the same time without my mind wandering. Of course, this is not Audible’s fault whatsoever, but completely down to my own brain and attention span. Nevertheless, if you do tend to have a butterfly-brain like mine, beware for times where you’ll realise that you weren’t listening to the poor narrator for the past three pages of the book.


I did find compromise, though, and I began to listen on my walks to and from university and work. Both walks are quite lengthy, meaning that it wasn’t long before I finally made it to the end of the novel! RELIEF.


All in all, if you find yourself too busy to sit down and read, or if you are just really struggling with a book (like I was), if you want to be able to relax a bit more and have the story told to you, or if you just want the opportunity to have the novel explained in a very clear way allowing you to picture the whole story better, then I do recommend trying Audible out.

I will forever believe that reading is one of the most beneficial options you can refer to for overall self-development and learning, and if Audible is the only thing which will encourage you to do so, then why not use it?


If you decide to try Audible out then let me know below!


Rachael xo


Click here to get taken to the Audible website

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