Welcome to University – CHAPTER TWO

Welcome to University – CHAPTER TWO

After some amazing and well-deserved time to myself, I’ve just started back at university once again this week… That means it is officially my last semester of third year! I genuinely cannot believe I’m here already. However, moving through my degree also means that my coursework and assignments are getting all the more difficult and intense, whilst deadlines are becoming tighter and closer.


Last semester, when this blog was still just getting up and running, I posted a piece which detailed what I was going to be studying and getting up to (hence the ‘Chapter 2’ in the title). I’ll link it here:

Welcome to University

I can admit that I genuinely enjoyed what I studied last year and I do think it was my favourite semester thus far. My marks maybe didn’t beat those from previous years (which I expected with marking getting tougher) but on a personal level, I felt comfortable and looked forward to my classes which I reckon is the most important thing.


So, here I am again and below is what I’m studying this semester. These are my last courses before the big and scary last year of my degree. Not only will this post allow you to get to know me better, but it allows me to figure out and understand my own courses better as I have to make sense of them before I can type them out for you! Win win.



For my core course, I chose one which comes under Romanticism: Genres, Themes and Contexts. Within my time here, I will be exploring topics such as the sublime, blank-verse autobiography, odes, ballads, domestic novels and many other interesting areas! To do so, we will focus on some amazing authors and/or poets including (but not limited to) Burke, Wordsworth, a bit of Keats and even some Austen.


My option/elective course is Edinburgh in Fiction. In class, we will be looking at the history of the city as represented in fictional literature. Scott, Hogg, Stevenson and Irvine will be just some of the authors we will focus on. They will help us examine the construction of the city in texts in their legal, religious, economic and cultural aspects. Thus, the concept of national identity will be a central theme, thus raising further discussions on religion, gender, race and class.


For each of these courses, I will have to submit mid-term essays and then complete exams towards the end of the semester.


And, just like semester one, I will be studying two new Critical Practice courses: Prose and Criticism. These are more general than the others in that they are less specific to one genre, which ultimately allows us to have a broader understanding of them as a whole. They also take the form of lectures rather than seminars, meaning that these classes will be much bigger. We will be given some form of assignment half way through the course and then another towards the end for each of them.


Once again, the length of my reading lists are longer than my arm and the amount of work I need to do to keep up to date is crazy, so I better get back to working on that.


If you’re interested in learning more about any aspect of my student life, comment below! I can show you particular books I’ve had to buy, or just give you more detail about our discussions in class…


Rachael xo

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  1. stewart conacher
    January 19, 2018 / 9:13 pm

    Good luck with your course.I have fond memories of studying Romanticism when I did my O.U. degree years ago.The Edinburgh in Fiction section looks very interesting and it is a subject that really interests me.I cannot look at Salsbury Crags and not be reminded of Hoggs masterpiece.I am also intrigued to discover works set here that I did not know about.I was recently given a book of Dickens ghost storiesby my daughter and one was set in Edinburgh though I would argue that only a writer who is born and bred here can really convey the feel of the city like Stevenson.did.All the best.

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