2018 GOALS

2018 GOALS

Happy New Year! It’s officially 2018, how did that even happen?!

I’m currently celebrating it in London but I’ll keep that for my next post.


Every single year, I set a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ for myself to abide by and then, by the end of January, I’ve forgotten what it was. Does that only happen to me? I somehow feel that it’s a universal thing.

Anyway, I have no excuse to forget my goals this year as I’m about to list them below. I’ve thought about them for a while and I’m eager to stick by them as I truly believe that they’ll not only make my year better, but they’ll also improve my life as a whole. Perhaps they will give you inspiration for what you want your 2018 to be like, and if you have any other ideas then comment them below!

It will be fun to report back at the end of the year and see just how well I did at following the resolutions.


1.Travel more

I doubt this one comes as a surprise… I’ve made it quite clear in other posts how important I find travel to be. It educates you in such a unique way and gives you insights to the most amazing and beautiful sights on this earth. You have an entire world around you to explore so, for some reason, staying in one place just doesn’t have an appeal to it whatsoever. However, don’t expect me to be off globetrotting just yet – I understand that it can be expensive to travel, and I do have priorities with university and work, but my aim is to visit at least three other countries at some point across the year.


2. Be more prepared for university

Ok, so it isn’t like me to leave assignments to the last minute per-say, but I would absolutely love to have the motivation to begin them and also have them finished well in advance. Don’t get me wrong, I always have them handed in on time, but to have motivation to write them and submit them (and also be happy with them!) weeks ahead would be a dream. It would stop me from dwelling on them and worrying about the upcoming deadline. So, Rachael, just get it over with already!


3. Use less social media

This was actually my resolution from last year, too (yes, I did eventually remember what it was!). I definitely think I did reasonably well sticking to it; I’ve went from tweeting every day and Instagramming every week to doing both occasionally. But, to be honest, I still could do better. I feel that social media can be so competitive and comparison does absolutely nothing for your self-esteem. I want to stop wasting time looking at others and start using more of my time to focus on myself. However, with me starting up this blog, I won’t be blocking it out completely as I want to share my work. We’ll see how that works!


4. Self-development

My confidence and happiness has definitely grown and improved over the past year or so and I want to write up a Storytime piece about how I’ve achieved that in the near future. Nevertheless, you can never be too confident or too happy, so I want to continue working on that and see where I can get myself emotionally by the end of the year. I have already come so far – I used to be extremely dependent and anxious, but not now! – so why stop there?


5. Be more proactive

Yep, I basically just want to do more in general. I want to try more food (I can be quite picky, unfortunately! But I don’t want to be!), I want to sleep less and go out more, I need to say yes to more, I want to explore more and read more, I want to meet more people… If I do, the year will ultimately become a more memorable one and, maybe in 40 years, I’ll look back at my life and 2018 will be a year that sticks out. I won’t know unless I try, so here goes nothing – literally.


I already have quite a bit planned for 2018 (plus, it will be my 21st later in the year!) and I can only hope to add to my list.


I hope you have the best one thus far!


Rachael xo

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